Woof Alert: Tiko & Pete Finland Fuck At The Club

Pete Finland (aka Eric York) bottoms

It blew my mind when I found out Eric York and human ottoman fucker Pete Finland are the same person. Admittedly, the connection should be obvious to anyone who has eyeballs and somewhat decent vision, but I have the memory of a goldfish when it comes to visual matters… I guess that would explain my poor performance in art history courses?

Nah, that’s a lie! I did so poorly on those exams ’cause I was too busy cruising Manhunt or jerking off to muscle bears like this, instead of studying Barnett Newman and Paul Gauguin like a normal person. In a way, I suppose I was preparing to fulfill my life purpose as an OMFG Award-winning blogger. All those nights sitting on a dildo and imagining Bo Dixon inside of me? They helped me reach my ultimate destiny.

But I’m getting off topic! How about we discuss this clip where Pete Finland gets fucked in a club while wearing a jockstrap and a leather harness? This reminds me of a few seedy parties I attended back in New York, right down to the obnoxiously loud music and the people taking pics on their cell phones.

While I was never the type to participate in the action, it was always a rush to witness the animalistic, sweaty passion between two men fucking “in public”. There was a heightened sense of urgency in such a hedonistic environment. It was almost as if attendees thought all the cocks would magically disappear at midnight, so they had to take them in as quickly as possible.

Truthfully, I’m not sure if that level of intensity is reflected in this pairing, but I can say that Pete’s scene partner Tiko made me wish I had participated back then. Fellow bear lovers! I urge you to pay close attention to the last half of this clip. Tiko’s huge ass is a real treat, and the way he’s thrusting into Pete is particularly mesmerizing.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Alpha Males

Click through to see Tiko and Pete getting it on:

Pete Finland (aka Eric York) bottoms

Pete Finland (aka Eric York) bottoms

Pete Finland (aka Eric York) bottoms

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