Woof Alert: Steve

It’s true. The last time I pulled a “Woof Alert” from New York Straight Men, it didn’t go so well. In a quest to spotlight a “realistic” guy, I sorta kinda put up a….stringy-haired cowboy…and all of you promptly castigated my taste in men and put the “Gross” stamp on his pics. Let’s try this again.

“Steve” is (supposedly) a straight teaching assistant from the Bronx who needs some cash. As we all know, having a dude suck you off and cumming on his chest is a lot more enjoyable than giving blood.

Our cub is cutesy and may very well be straight. How can you tell? The lack of manscaping. Dude’s pubes are woolly, and his neck is all hairy-like. The presence of furry pudge doesn’t hurt either. I think he’s adorable, and especially love his “O” faces when he’s about to shoot.

What do you think? Is this an improvement over Cowboy Dave?

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: New York Straight Men

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