Woof Alert: Sgt. Brent

And people say abolishing DADT will lead to a breakdown in order and trust or some other bullshit among our armed forces. All I see here is unity! Sgt. Brent of All American Heroes is fucking the stuffing out of his young USMC compatriot John.

This may not be for everyone, we know. But some of us think beefy, hairy, middle-aged dudes like the Sarge here are hot. It’s true. I want his pelvis slapping against my asscheeks as he drills my ass like it’s Tool Time! From the look on John’s face, Tool Time is a good time.

There’s something manly and almost touching about an older guy going to town on a younger guy’s ass. It’s like the passing of the baton of primal male sexuality. Sgt. Brent is showing off all the dickin’ skills he’s learned over the years to him. It’s a teaching moment with cum.

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: All American Heroes

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