Woof Alert: Dolan Wolf

Truthfully? Some of you are going to be grossed out by this scene between Dolan Wolf and power top Harley Everett. The rest of you are going to be either turned on inexplicably, just plain turned on, or bored because it’s not kinky enough. I fall into the first of those last three categories. While I wouldn’t normally get excited by someone getting fisted and fucked with a gigantic dildo at the same time, this works for reasons I can’t really explain.

I blame Dolan’s butt? He’s got a pair of round, hairy cheeks that look like they’d be incredibly fun to play with. I don’t think I’d necessarily stick my hand up his ass, but there are a few other things I’d like to shove up there… LIKE MY TOES.

Just kidding! We won’t be talking about toe-fucking on Manhunt Daily until tomorrow.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Alpha Male Fuckers

Click through to watch Dolan get his hole stretched: