Woof Alert: Bruno Knight

Truth be told, we haven’t shown Bruno Knight anywhere near enough love on this blog. We know, we know! Our promise to include more “heftiness and true bearish beauty” in this year’s Woof Alerts still stands, but we had to break the rules for this breathtaking, hirsute muscleman. If you require a more substantial dose of “woof”, join me in drooling over queer emcee Big Dipper‘s smackable cub-booty…

But let’s get back to the topic at hand—Bruno Knight, and how he needs to shove his throbbing cock deep inside of us. You know that upward curve would hit all the right spots! Then again, if it were really necessary, we’d settle on spreading those hairy cheeks and taking one for the team. From what we recall, he doesn’t look too shabby on all fours.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Lucas Entertainment

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