WIN: A Free Manhunt T-Shirt!

Manhunt t-shirt Palm Springs models dunk tank

Here at Manhunt headquarters, we spend most of our time trying to get you out of your clothes, so it almost seems counterintuitive that we’re giving away free t-shirts for Reader Appreciation Month… But, hey, who says you need to wear pants when you’re rocking a Manhunt tee? In fact, we encourage you to NOT wear pants with your Manhunt t-shirt.

To claim this prize, send an e-mail to, tell us your t-shirt size and convince us that you deserve it. These directions are purposefully vague, because we want you guys to get creative with your responses.

Tell us where you’d wear it, how you’d wear it. Write a short fantasy story about how you were wearing your soon-to-be-owned MH tee, when some guy noticed, and you hooked up in the bathroom of a straight bar. Send a debilitatingly sad shirtless picture, which makes us feel so bad that we have to give you a shirt. There are so many possibilities! Explore them.

We’ve also received word that there may be a few jockstraps (size medium only) and scarves to give away, so if either option would interest you, please make a note of it in your e-mail. We can’t make any promises as far as those are concerned.

– Dewitt

Click through for yesterday’s winners and a few additional MH tee colors:

A better view of the t-shirts with Chris Crocker and Justin Goble:

Manhunt t-shirt Palm Springs models dunk tank

(Taken before our lost interview session.)



Joey Hard admires Vinny Castillo's muscle butt in a gay porn scene for Next Door Buddies

To win a membership to Next Door Buddies, we asked you: “Who cums first in this scene between Joey Hard and Vinny Castillo?” While most of you managed to guess the correct answer, you failed to read the scene description and mention that Vinny blows both first and last in this scene! First, he shoots a thick load on Joey’s cheek. Then, after Joey’s finished himself off, Vinny shoots yet another load on his shoulder.

Although, when it all comes down to it, “Vinny” is still the correct answer.

I had to give this one to TheatreStud and MikeGMU2, since they’ve both been so persistent throughout Reader Appreciation Month. Plus, Mike’s response was the best of all: “Silly Dewitt! You should know that the correct answer of who cums first isn’t Hard or Castillo, it’s me! But yeah, I’d guess Castillo creamed first in that scene.” <– Love it!