Who Would You Rather?: Potential Fathers Of January Jones’ Baby Edition

Mad Men ice queen January Jones is with baby, and she’s keeping her mouth shut about the the daddy’s identity. Wise choice. Keep em’ guessing, hit the guy up for child support + lips shut money, and bask in your pre-natal machinations. Jones has been linked publicly with both Saturday Night Live cutie Jason Sudekis AND (married)  celebrity chef Bobby Flay. A new story now claims she got sperminated on the set of the upcoming X-Men: First Class. This adds  SEVERAL more contenders into the (didn’t use a Nuva) ring. Among the X-Men cast we have adorable British moppet hotness James McAvoy and that square-jawed handsome Michael Fassbender. And there’s always the outside chance that cast member Kevin Bacon got tired of The Closer and put his bacon on January’s skillet. The question is – which one of January’s potential babydaddys would you fuck or let fuck you? Let us know in the comments section! Five choices – this is going to be difficult!

– J. Harvey

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