What’s In A Name?: Manhunt Releases Thousands of Unused Profile Names

Following in the footsteps of Yahoo‘s recent initiative to free up inactive e-mail addresses, Manhunt will be releasing thousands of unused profile names within the upcoming week. The move will allow current Manhunt members the ability to “upgrade” to an online identity that more accurately illustrates who they are as an individual, who they’re looking to meet and what they want to do with that person once they find him.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve changed your name on the site out of necessity or sheer boredom. Have you ever wondered what happens to your old name when you go from “OnlyATop” to “SuddenlyVersatile”? The answer is nothing. Your genius profile names go to a graveyard of discarded monikers, snatched from the paws of anyone else who’d want them.

Now, unlimited Manhunt members can contact our customer service department to claim any of the highly desirable or downright ridiculous names listed in the nine categories below. Keep in mind, of course, that this is only a very small portion of the names being made available. We might consider “leaking” the full list if there’s enough interest from all of you.

– Dewitt

Check out a handful of newly available options below:


What's In A Name?

1. THE BLATANTLY AWESOME & SLIGHTLY WEIRD ONES: If you look at the image above and don’t immediately freak out over the inclusion of “freakasaurousfux”, then you are clearly not a human being with any sense of humor. Our other personal favorites—which we very well might steal before it’s too late—included “CatRider”, “MusicalDeepthroat”, “HairyButtPirate” and “SexySexplorer”.

ADDITIONAL EXAMPLES: HotInsect, HumpMyRump, ImpulseSteak, DickButtkiss, Armholed, SuperBangBro, OralFishJockey, CumMonster, HolePunch, SillyPimp, HorseJock, DinoSpace, DiskoPorno, ProfessorTop, OraLeeYours, TennisBalls


hairy man

2. THE ONES YOU MIGHT ACTUALLY WANT: There were a lot of these. Simplicity is a good way of reigning in suitors, and you could toss aside all the extra numbers and whatnot for something that clearly indicates who you are or what you’re looking for. Examples include “BigDickTop”, “HairyMan”, “MarriedMan” and “HotMuscularBottom”.

ADDITIONAL EXAMPLES: MuscleStuds, MaleOrder, HotHairyChest, WildFun, JockBod, JustCurious, InNeed, SxyJock, WithYou, RamPoundAss, LickUGood, FlipTop, BottomForNow, SmartMan, UncutBeefyTop, FuckableBottom, AsianJockBtm, HungForHung, BarebackAsianBottom, HotStallion, EatYourAss, TightSpeedo, RUHot, FaggotSlave, ASuperHungTop, NastyBud, MuscleHunk, TheHandsomeOne, SlurpingU, CummingHome, OneSexyFucker, NipplePlay, EuroPig, DreamBoy, SwimmerBoy, ShavedBelow, BBLooking, PigSexGuy, SweetBrownSugar, HairyBeardedDad, SubCocksucker, TwoCubanGuys, RippedFun, NiceHottie, HotBiDad, ButtPounder, TreasureTrail, WorshipYourBody, TwoTexasGuys, BlackSexy, HungBigFun, HardAndRough, HardAsRock, WildSex, HotCouple, SuckMyPrick, GettingOff, CuteBlonde, XtraHungTop, HotBuffHung, HardRide, MarineDadPig, BearSweat, SmoothAthlete, MarriedBiDude, AwesomeButt, HairyFuckPig, SuckMyMuscle, JockMate, UnzipThis, TotallySensual, HungSmoothTop, ClosetCase, AllWorkedUp, WantAFriend, Buffed, MuscleThong, VisitingStud, HotJockUpYourAss, HardRawTop, Big_Cock, SpankYourBareButt


gay muscle jocks

3. THE TOTALLY MASCULINE, STR8-ACTING & SPORTY ONES: My balls! If you only knew how many times the word “masc” showed up in this list, it would blow your mind. This is only a very small fraction of the names being released that incorporate “masc”, “masculine” or some variation on this theme. There were also a significant amount of coach or football-related names available like “CoachHarder”, “Linebacker”, “BigStrengthCoach” and “Touchdown”.

ADDITIONAL EXAMPLES: MascBtm, Top4MascBtm, MascNYCMuscle, HornyMascMan, HairyMascRaw, Masc4YoungTop, MascMild2Wild, MuscMascHairy, Top4MascBttm, MasculineCuban, NoStringMasc4Masc, AthleticMascGuy, HotMascVersBttm, MascCockSlave, VegasMuscMasc, DiscreetMascMusc, TallMascGuy, MasculineBud, MascBluEyes, MascBadPup, MascVersHottt, MASCSTRENGTH, Masc4Men, MascAsian, MascAndHairy, VeryMascNormal


Bottom 4 A Beer

4. THE FUN ONES WITH NUMBERS: Big surprise that our favorite here is “4nick8er” (though we’ve got to say that “Btm4aBeer” is a close second). Some of these could actually fit into the last category due to their wide appeal, but they added up so quickly that it seemed best to separate them from the rest.

ADDITIONAL EXAMPLES: Born2Bottom, HungryAss4aHand, HotGuy4SameBlahBlah, Tit4Tat, BoyCunt4Use, ImminentFun4U, 8izEnuff, WETHOLE4LOADS, OpenUp4Me, Cock4Me, IamBottom4You, Horny2Fuck, Hunt4Rump, BigIdea4U, HornyBtm4Tops, Rdy2GoBoy, Lookn4Groups, TwoLads4Third, Latino4Life, Hair4U, HardBoi4U, Hot4It, Lad4WiredFun, 4MyShaft, The2OfYouPlowMe, YourCockAndMe2, Boy2SuckHard, Blowjob4UNow, Hole4Stuffing, TotalTop4U, Bottom4Use, KickinBack4Head, HoleNPole4U, Love2Cum, YngAss2Fuck, Hunting4Bears, IWANT2RIDEIT, Ready2FuckNow, JustMme4Now, Stud2DoUNow, MuscleDad4Me, HotMouth4You2Fill, Here4YourPleasure, Anything4You, Hole4HungTops, Need2Play, Magical_Mouth_4U, HotJock4Fun, TightMan2LoadU, FilthyMind4U, HotHole2Fuck, Man4Latin, GUY4FUN, Latino4Top, Large14U



5. THE ONES RELATED TO FANTASY/HORROR/ANGST: These were remarkably less common than other themes, but no less entertaining. “KillerZombieBunniez” stood out for us above all. Honestly, it’s a supreme candidate for what one of us will be changing our Manhunt profile name to later tonight…

ADDITIONAL EXAMPLES: PrinceRider, PowerBlade, A_Ghost, KnightOfOne, BlackBurningHeart, VampireDick, BackpackTravelGnome, WoofyGoat, MagicZombieMountain, BoyPrince, KnightOfNight, Angel_Of_Music, Everflirt, IcePrinceOfOhio, Psycho_Zombie, LAST_VAMPIRE, LittleRazor, DrkAngel, KnightWaker, MountainPrince, TheatreGhost, TheGr8Sage, GutterHeart, ThunderFuck, GnomeU, AngelVampire, CosmicBody, NinjaGuardian, DarkZombie, TheBlackGhost, BottomFinder, AllKnightLong, PrinceRoyal, SwordNight, BirdsAteMyFace


Tom Daley

6. THE ONES WHO COULD BE CELEBRITIES: “TomDaley” was the only one that really worked. One could argue that Jay-Z and Kanye West are cruising Manhunt under the names “WatchTheThrone” and “JiggaMan2”, but that would be a bit farfetched. Note! We did not do a search for “JohnTravolta” or “TomCruise”, so those two may or may not be available.



7. THE ONES THAT WERE A SINGLE WORD OR NAME: Have you always wished you could use “Urinal”, “Fisherman” or “BEAUTIFUL” as your Manhunt profile name? Well, you’re in luck! They’re both available. You better snag ’em before someone else beats you to it.

ADDITIONAL EXAMPLES: Hank, Spunky, Bareback, Dudes, Yum, Designer, Unstoppable, Kyle, Mecca, VERACIOUS, Velocity, River, Amorphous, Will, Chewy, Commuter, Groovy, Fetch, Jaymes, Erogenous, Elevate, CAPS, Francesco,  Techno, Gladiator, Fortitude, Robin, Troublemaker, Leak, Burt, Constellation, Playful, Nikko, Metrosexual, Disarray, Pansexual, Option, Cruella, Cheek, Jeep, Coffin, Saddles, Scottie, Unzipped, Raven, Heartless, Aldan, Morton, Completion, THOR, Brawny, Konstantine, Glass, Teddie



8. THE ONES THAT WERE SARCASTIC OR QUESTIONABLE: Some of these had good intentions. “No1Deepthroat” could be read as “number one deepthroat” or the slightly more ominous “no one deepthroat”, and “AssMunch” could be a derogatory name or a love letter to the art of rimjobs… Either way, we thought the following were questionable ways of marketing yourself on a site for men to meet other men.

ADDITIONAL EXAMPLES: ThnxBud, HighStrungLoner, WetFlow, HomoAlonely, LetMeJustSayThat, NothingMan, DroppingThisTomorrow, ZeroPulse, SexWithEveryone, HalfAPerson, YouKnowMyPassword, JackedIdiot, BitchYouSpilled, BlueBalledBoi, ShortDickMan, Outta_My_Mind, SurpriseItsMe, DIPSTICK_, MyChemicalsAreLeakin, CouldntFindAUserName, BCuzImWorthIt, PickyEater, SlowOne, YaWhateva, WowNiceOne, CityCrab, CHINESEASSHOLE, RightInTheKisser, It_Aint_Me, OhWhyNot, TrashBoy, ForgotMyPassword, CantStopYouNow, FatFuckPigMA



9. THE ONES THAT ARE DELICIOUSLY SLUTTY: Again, there were more of these than we could possibly count! I didn’t even think to make a list of them until the very end of this project, so if your desired profile name includes the words “cum”, “hole”, “pig” or “load”, it’s probably out there somewhere. “PartTimeSlut” might be a good one for you, no? We’d use it, but we’re strictly full-time in that respect.

ADDITIONAL EXAMPLES: SweetHole, TightHole, BottomNeedsIt, MeatNMe, CUMSUCKER, DaddySeed, Up_My_Bum, PigBuddy, DoubleDickMe, PoundMyTightHole, CumHungry, TruckerLoad, PlowBottom, DREAMCUMTRUE, StudMilker, FuckMyAzz, NuttHunt, Slurper