What Would You Do?: Ian Parker

Here is a list of things I would do with Randy Blue model Ian Parker (if he weren’t too busy finger-banging his own beautiful, hairy ass):

• Pin his wrists above his head with one hand. Lick his armpit and make him squirm.
• Wrap his legs around me. Hold him down harder and tease him with a kiss.
• Give in. Kiss him hard and grind my hard cock against his fuzzy ass.
• Lick and suck my way down his body.
• Brief blowjob interlude until I worship his hairy hole with my tongue.
• Finger him. Pat that hole. Lick it hard. Repeat as necessary.
• Fuck the cum out of him.
• Repeat as necessary, until he’s all worn out.

But that’s just me! What would you do with Ian?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Randy Blue

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