Want To See Rocky LaBarre Getting Nailed HARD?

The title of this post is a trick question. At this current moment in time, you can’t see Rocky LaBarre getting nailed hard. This is quite unfortunate. Ever since we first set eyes on all this hot-ass muscle bear, we’ve been dying to see him on all fours. Taking it like a champ.

Here’s the thing! According to this interview, he filmed seven hours of flip-fucking action with tattooed porn star Drake Jayden. The bad news? Due to technical difficulties, The Guy Site lost half of the footage. The good news? Most of the footage that features Rocky on bottom remains entirely intact.

Of course, there’s more potentially bad news! Given the missing portions of the scene, The Guy Site has considered scrapping the shoot altogether. Why is this a terrible idea? Because there’s high demand for Rocky LaBarre’s first hardcore video. If you don’t believe us, just ask his 3218 followers on Twitter or all the folks who voted for him on The Ten.

Releasing this scene, even in its unfinished state, would give them exclusive bragging rights to Rocky’s bottoming debut. It would guarantee coverage on Manhunt Daily, because (duh) we have a huge boner for him. Plus, it’d allow us all to see this hairy fucker “gripping the sheets trying to not fall off the bed” as he gets rammed like a real man should.

So to return to the question in the title of this post… Want to see Rocky LaBarre getting nailed HARD? Well, you’re gonna have to work for it! Send an e-mail to The Guy Site through their contact link and demand that they release this scene. Rumor has it that if they receive fifty e-mails saying “I wanna see Rocky put out!”, we’ll get to see this guy moaning so loud that the cameraman had to “shush” him.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: The Guy Site

To check out a few bonus pics of Rocky LaBarre, follow the JUMP:

Cumming with no hands!

And the ass that got fucked: