Underwear Drawer: This Is What A Cute, Normal Guy Looks Like In Trendy Undies

We don’t all have the six packs and extraordinary bodies seen in ads for Andrew Christian or other posts in our Underwear Drawer series. When shopping for a new pair of briefs or boxer-briefs, you have to take into consideration a lot of things—aesthetic appeal, comfort and how they’ll fit on your body. Most of us, as it goes, can’t accurately access these factors based on a few sexy pictures of Julian Gabriel or Benjamin Godfre.

In his videos for Minority Review, the average yet adorable Sailesh Ghelani takes on a variety of underwear styles, letting us see how they look on someone who doesn’t spend every hour of their waking life in the gym. We applaud him for putting himself out there and actually providing helpful feedback about each brand and their products.

– Dewitt

Watch a few of the Minority Review underwear videos below:

Sailesh Ghelani
Sailesh Ghelani
Sailesh Ghelani