Trystan Bull In “My Stepdad Banged Me”

There’s a thin line between what’s hot in porn versus what’s hot in reality. If a married man told us that he banged his eighteen year-old stepson, along with his equally young best friend? We might be a little creeped out. But when it’s Trystan Bull banging his fictional stepson Max Morgan, along with his fictional best friend Nick Reeves? That’s a whole other story.

It’s a taboo scenario, minus the inclusion of the actual real-life taboo. We’re sort of okay with that! Emphasis on “sort of”… In the long run, if the premise of this scene disturbs you, just turn off the volume and watch Trystan Bull shoving his big uncut rod into two horny twinks. It’s that simple, guys.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Trystan Bull

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