Trailer Trash: Dream House

Daniel Craig is hot, but hotness doesn’t keep you from going batshit crazy. In Dream House, he’s the dad of two with the beautiful Rachel Weisz as his wifey. They’ve just moved into their…you saw the title…except the realtor apparently forgot to tell them that the last family who lived there ended up splattered on the walls. Thanks, Century 21! It also looks like Craig is…

Spoiler alert – this trailer spoils the entire friggin’ movie! No, seriously – I did research. IT SHOWS YOU THE FLICK’S MAJOR PLOT TWIST. Why the fuck would I go see it now? Is Hollywood THAT deficient in the brains? Why are we dumbing everything down for the slack-jawed yokels? Jerks.

To watch the trailer for Dream House (which will basically tell you the whole movie), Follow the JUMP: