Toy With Me: Here’s A Nifty Way To Make Sure Your Slave Knows Its Place

This particular item from the Manhunt Sex Shop cracked me up, but then I really thought about it. If you’re a kinky bastard, you want to make your slave feel like the dog that he is. What better way than little dog tags to hang off his cock ring? No, this really is a thing.

Is he an obedient little fuck puppy or a nasty little bitch boy? Is he a well-trained sex slave or a slut that needs to learn his place? Make sure your pet knows exactly what he is and who owns him. This set comes with four dog tags for you to choose from: BITCH, SLUT, SLAVE, and PUPPY. Just pull his junk through the metal ring and label your property for what it is. Ideal for puppy play, each tag is shaped like a bone and dangles tantalizingly from his cock and balls. Collar his cock and make him crawl like the dog that he is!

What if you’re all four? Can you wear em’ all at once? Or is that too much with the ball weights and the Prince Albert? Don’t try to get on a plane. By the way, it’s FREE if you spend $28 at the Manhunt Sex Shop. Just click on this link and use the code “MHRECRUIT2017” when you check out. Oh, and if you do get one – take some pics and send em’ to I want to see if you’re a bitch, slave, puppy or slut!

Michael Xavier