Top Or Bottom: Joe Jonas (And That Hot Piece Of Ass He’s Still Hanging With)

We see you flipping the bird at us, Joe. You can do it openly. Jesus and Walt Disney would understand.

If those sneakers weren’t waving a pride flag, than Joe Jonas’ friend’s erect nipple sure is. It did our hard-ons good to see that sexy bitch Mr. Jonas is still running around with the super-cute dude he was spotted with awhile back. That’s a lot of fuckability right there. They jog together, shop together, and uh, eat salads together. Uh huh.

Something tells me JJ and bud might be re-enacting the end of Requiem For A Dream together (think Jennifer Connelly on all fours experiencing Crisco in a shower of cash as opposed to Ellen Burstyn being force-fed). Bumping butts? Maybe. Let’s just focus on Joe right now. Giving/Receiving/Flip-flopping?

Do I get any credit for name-dropping Ellen Burstyn’s name on Manhunt Daily? Who could ever have predicted?

– J. Harvey

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