Top Or Bottom: George Michael

George Michael is a mess. But he’s a mess who has hung in there, and can not find one fuck to give you. He’s been busted in public bathrooms and various patches of shrubbery for trying to suck off cops, he’s passed out from pills while driving, and he recently survived a serious bout with pneumonia. Also, he somehow made it past this song (choose life, bitch). He’s a survivor!

His new “anniversary” single, “White Light”, dropped this week. George noted in the press that 6/29 marked 30 years since his former band WHAM’s first single (“Wham Rap”) debuted in the British charts.

I’m not in love with the weak-sounding dance track that is “White Light”, but the lyrics are pretty interesting. Besides referencing his own recent brush with death, I’m pretty sure he’s mourning Whitney Houston with the line “maybe she just wanted to be free”.

So, as we do with gay celebs in the news, do we think George gives or receives? No matter what position he takes on the matter, we are highly jealous if he’s still doing it with this guy.

– J. Harvey

Check out “White Light” and let us know if you think George Michael is a top or bottom after the JUMP: