The “Real Man” Project: Chris Crocker


Chris Crocker is a polarizing figure in the world of gay Internet celebrity. Since becoming a full-on pop culture phenomenon with his…bah, do I have to say it? It involved Britney Spears. Since THAT, his YouTube videos have garnered him a gigantic fanbase, he’s no stranger to television, and he’s cut a couple of pop singles. He’s also reportedly launching a porn venture soon. (For those of you with doubts, dude has body.) Some dismiss him as just another loudmouth homo with a webcam. But if you actually WATCH some of his vids, you’ll note that he’s no dummy. His opinions on gay culture, sex, relationships,  and society in general are often gems, and he talks about his own life struggles with an admirable honesty.

We were psyched he agreed to answer the question of what a “real man” is via one of his vids. Chris Crocker shot a video for us! Shut up, he’s famous and I’m easily dazzled.

– J. Harvey

p.s. I’d also like to note that I LOVE that Chris’ grandmother(?) is just chillin’ in the background. LOVES IT.

To see Chris Crocker’s contribution to our “Real Man” Project, Follow the JUMP:

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