The Holiday Season Is A Magical Time: Santa Speedo Run

What’s your favorite part of the holiday season? Is it the twinkling lights or the Baby Jesus made of cheese? Is it mocking your Gentile friends who won’t be receiving a verified eight gifts this year or hot chocolate with liberal doses of peppermint Schnapps? You may rethink your decision when you see these pics from our favorite holiday occurrence – the annual Santa Speedo Run!

Men from all over the capital city of Manhunt Land (Boston) don Speedos or other skimpy garments and run to raise money for charity. It’s really a Tiny Tim “God Bless Us Everyone!” moment, especially when many of the men running are not so Tiny Tim in the bulge area.

People give us looks when we camp out all night with lawn chairs, binoculars, and a sign that reads “Free Deep Tissue Massage For Runners (Males Only)”. We’re just doing our part to support these brave men! We support the ladies who run, too. We just wish they would stop blocking our view.

p.s. Some of these pics are from Speedo Runs past. They were just too good not to include.

– J. Harvey

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