Ten of Your Favorite Cocky Boys Scenes

Gabriel Clark hanging out with a puppy

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Though maybe you should type that up later? After yesterday’s contest, we rounded up clips from ten of your fellow readers favorite Cocky Boys scenes, and you might want to shoot your load to them for, um, inspiration… Also, because Colby Keller told you to masturbate more often? Yeah, that’s it! Stick with that reason.

Oh, and before we forget, congratulations to our Cocky Boys winners: gildeddreamer, hryAZNbtm, Ef_Es and bkplanner. Your answers were spectacularly boner-inducing, and you’ll be hearing from us soon with your username/password combos.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Cocky Boys

Click through for video clips of your ten favorite scenes, in no particular order:

10. Gabriel Clark, Trent Diesel & Andrew Elliot

9. Tommy Defendi & Max Ryder

8. Bravo Delta & Arnaud Chagall

7. Jake Bass & Alex Vaara

6. Kennedy Carter & his boyfriend Ivan

5. Gabriel Clark, Bravo Delta & Ben Rose

4. Austin Wilde & Anthony Romero

3. Gabriel Clark & Tommy Defendi

2. “The Haunting” with Arnaud Chagall, Jake Steel & Dillon Rossi

1. Gabriel Clark & Anthony Romero