Suck Vs. Suck: Blaine & Jack Jagger

The few Manhunt Daily readers who actively dislike blowjob scenes won’t be too fond of tonight’s edition of Fuck Vs. Fuck. We’ve thrown out the dick-to-ass contact for some pure oral action, courtesy of Dirty Tony‘s Blaine and scruffy cum-slut Jack Jagger. It’s our very first round of Suck Vs. Suck!

In both of these clips, the men receiving blowjobs are semi-anonymous, so you’ll have an opportunity to really focus on each of the individual cocksuckers’ skills. Does Blaine’s slow and steady style work for you? Or would you rather get deepthroated by Jack, with his goatee lightly tickling your balls?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Dirty Tony / Jack Jagger

To check out both scenes and cast your vote, follow the JUMP:

Blaine & Tony:


Jack Jagger & Drake Rock: