STRFKR: Killian Wells, Brent Everett, And They Mention Manhunt


Brent Everett’s hot as balls, and so is the singer Killian Wells! This is Killian’s new single, “STRFKR,” and Brent’s all up in the video. That’s slang for “STARFUCKER” by the way. The story goes that Brent Everett is checking into a hotel in the beginning to be all sexy at said hotel, and the crusty queen up front actually had me cracking up at his schtick. And then Killian sings about a starfucker and there’s more sexy bodies ALMOST showing it all off. All videos should be like this. MTV probably wouldn’t have stopped showing videos if they were really gay and hot like this one. And featured cute priests singing about starfuckers. It’s been noted in the past that I’m delusional and often wrong, however.

p.s. Listen for the Manhunt mention!

– J. Harvey

To watch “STRFKR”, Follow the BREAK: