Straight Guys Are Gay: There Are An Awful Lot Of Dudes Spanking Each Other On YouTube


In my travels as a purveyor of unwittingly homoerotically titillating YouTube vids, I came across an interesting fact lately. There are TONS of vids on YouTubes of straight guys spanking each other. I’m not talking about over the knee, “yes, daddy, I’ve been bad” spanking. But a shocking number of guys dropping trou so their pals can smack them on their bare asses. It’s kinda hot. It’s also a little wince-inducing, cuz’ these straight guys go for the pain to show you that they’re not getting their jollies off of it. They totally are, hence some of the “no homo” crap you might hear in a couple of these vids.

To demonstrate, I thought I’d gift you with a whole slew of straight guys spanking each other vids. Those of you into that sort of thing are gonna sing my praises as a corporal punishment curator. The rest of you? Well, some of these asses are pretty nice.

– J. Harvey

Watch a whole slew of spanking vids after the BREAK: