Sean Cody’s Lane Is Up For Anything (For $1!)

Lil’ Lane from Sean Cody is one of my favorites. He’s adorable, he’s got a sweet body, and he’s always down for whatever. For instance, Mario always wanted to get sucked off while being interviewed. (That’s an interesting fantasy. I might even start watching Jimmy Fallon if this became a thing.)

It started off as an ordinary day here at Sean Cody. We asked Mario some questions to get to know him a bit more, and cum-hungry Lane was on his knees sucking him off at the same time…you know, just a regular day.

Clearly, Lane just couldn’t wait for the interview to be over, so he just jumped right into it!

Mario then took control and owned that tight ass with his big, uncut cock of his…an ordinary day indeed!

Speaking of days, I could watch Lane bounce on dicks all day. Click here for more (and to get a two-day Sean Cody trial for $1.00)!
Michael Xavier