Raw Dogs: Sean Cody’s Jakob Didn’t Waste Any Time

Sean Cody’s Jakob “Solo Artist” post only went up on Manhunt Daily last Monday. And he’s ALREADY bareback fucking around with another dude for them! Sean Cody moves fast. I love it! Maybe jerking off on film for the first time made him really, really horny for more?

Jakob is back to fuck some ass – something he hasn’t done before with a guy, and Blake is happy to show him the ropes!

“Me and Blake are going to explore, and we’ll see where it goes!”

We had to add something, “I think Blake’s explored every avenue here at Sean Cody.”

Jakob replied, “Well, he’s gonna explore my avenue today!”

Blake loved that answer, and ultimately set the mood for the day.

Let’s just say that Blake broke the new guy in really well!

Oh, Jakob DEFINITELY drove down…well, up Blake’s avenue. Here’s more.

Michael Xavier

Press ▷ to watch the teaser below.