Randy Blue Releases Back-To-Back Scenes with Jackson Kale, Max London, Jay Stone, Ash Taylor & Nick Sterling. Our Dicks Proceed To Burst In Gigantic Cum Explosion.

First Beau Warner, and now this? The folks at Randy Blue are doing that thing (again) where they release way too many hot scenes at once. We nearly fell out of our desk chairs when we saw muscle jocks Ash Taylor and Nick Sterling going at in onscreen, and then they brought us a threesome between Jackson Kale, Max London and Jay Stone. These bitches are trying to give us a premature heart attack.

No more words are necessary. Just unzip your pants, if you’re wearing any, and stroke your dick until it’s sore.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Randy Blue

To check out these two scenes, follow the JUMP:

Oh hey, Nick Sterling!

Ready to have this man inside of you?

Of course you are!

Additional HARDCORE clips over here!


What’s up, Jay Stone?

It’s time for you to get fucked by Max London.

Surprise! They also invited Jackson Kale. We hope you did your kegels.

Mmm, now that’s a good muscle bottom…

Additional HARDCORE clips over here!