Random Question: Who Would You Go Straight For?

I finally watched last week’s episode of V last night, and something dawned on me–Morris Chestnut isn’t the only member of that cast who I want to bang. Though David Richmond-Peck (who plays Georgie) has that whole ruggedly attractive thing going on, I’m even more turned on by the leader of the Visitors. And surprise! She’s all woman.

Before playing the character Anna on V, Morena Baccarin was mostly known for her role as Inara in Joss Whedon‘s shortly-lived series Firefly. There’s something extremely alluring about her features, and in case you haven’t figured it out from the title of this post… I’d totally go straight for her.

She’s just one of many on my list of bi-curiosity, but I’m even more interested to hear what ladies you’d hop in bed with. Obviously, I recognize that some of our readers identify as bisexual or straight, so take this opportunity to tell us what chicks you think are hot. Because when else can we talk about this stuff?

– Dewitt