Quickie: Tom Bunting

Prior to last week, Tom Bunting‘s ability to cause boners whilst wearing a speedo was (mostly) limited to North Bondi beach in Australia. That was before BUTT magazine published their interview with him. Now, the 28 year-old “lifesaver” will have thousands of men lusting after him worldwide, as they long to practice CPR on his butthole.

Interestingly enough, Tom lives in a suburb of Sydney called Woolloomooloo, which sounds an awful lot like the sounds I’d make with his dick in my mouth. We learned that from reading his interview! You should read it too! He talks about awesome stuff like showering with his coworkers and drunken sex by a bonfire. Not to mention, there’s a picture of his ass… Need we say more?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Luke Austin

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