Quickie: Patrick O’Brien

Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you! Patrick O’Brien made his Manhunt Daily debut earlier this week, under the alias of “Paddy O’Brian“. We wouldn’t normally feature the same man twice in such a brief span of time, but his latest shots are too hot to handle!

We owe a good portion of the credit to RandyBlue, considering the studio was smart enough to place him on their steamy-hot sauna set. Take note! This is the same spot where Cayden Ross sat on Jeremy Walker‘s dick, so they’re basically having a threesome by association. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, you might want to check out this link here…

But let’s return to the topic at hand. Namely, the sight of Patrick O’Brien in a pair of soaking wet briefs! Some of you may be disappointed to discover there aren’t any full-on dick pics in this set, but there are a couple of peeks in the preview video. Plus, you could just read the original post about this guy. Because, duh, it’s all about his cock.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Randy Blue

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