Quickie: Maksims Visnakovs

Recently, I’ve had this weird fascination with being dominated by a taller man. While I recognize this fantasy isn’t uncommon within the world of homo-lust, it’s something that I haven’t quite come to grips with yet. My tastes generally veer towards vertically challenged pocket gays. For me, it’s an unfamiliar sensation to be attracted to someone who can rest his chin on the top of my head (without going on his tiptoes).

At 6’1″ and 215 lbs, Maksims Visnakovs fits very well into my newly-discovered wet dream. I can just imagine him towering over me, letting the sleaziest words spill out of his pretty lips. Sprawled out on my back, I’d look up at his handsome face, spread my cheeks even farther apart and take every inch ’til he’s balls-deep inside. ::sigh:: If only!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: John Tavlan

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