Quickie: Eddie Cibrian

Finally, Eddie’s right where we want him – in bed. Eddie Cibrian is an actor mostly known for his role in….ugh, calling up IMBd for pics that don’t include a cock or ass shot is too taxing. He’s mostly known for dumping his wife for country ‘s praying mantis, LeAnn Rimes. That’s why you’re always seeing him at the checkout aisle at the supermarket.

Eddie’s selling bedding and pillows here (homes in Malibu and Nashville cost bank) and what we noticed right off the bat in these pics is that he’s…maturing. It’s sort of an older-looking Eddie, with a little gray and a little weathering. We like it. He’s still hot, and he fits in with our recent reader requests for more “mature-looking” gentlemen on here. Timely!

– J. Harvey

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