Quickie: Dolvett Quince

The new trainers on The Biggest Loser are absurdly hot. Don’t get me wrong! I miss Jillian Michaels as much as the next reality TV junkie, and I would have gladly let her do me hard with her strap-on… But let’s be entirely real—she isn’t on the same level of attractiveness as Anna Kournikova or Dolvett Quince.

While I’ve yet to reach the “strap-on” stage with Kournikova—granted she’s downright stunning—I’m already practically fisting fingering myself every time Dolvett appears on the screen. I mean, do you see that fucking smile? It was handcrafted for making my pants drop. He could stick it in me however and wherever he wants.

Oh, and the smile’s not even the best part! Every so often, Dolvett will turn off his “Mr. Nice Guy” persona and start yelling in contestants’ faces like a maniac. He’s like the ultimate verbal top. If you can watch this man in action and not want him inside of you, then you’re much stronger than I am.

– Dewitt

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