Quickie: Danny Harper

O….M…..GOD! Fiery ginge smokeshow man ass! Danny Harper is my new fap inspiration. MUSCLES! GINGE! COCK! ASS! And he’s awesomely pale as most of the ginge tend to be! Because tanning is SO over. Melanoma ain’t pretty.

Wait, have we ever seen a redhead with a tan?

Dewitt launched this one to me over IM and said that he had meant to post about him yesterday but forgot. How in the hell did you forget THIS dude? The “D” in Dewitt can’t be for dementia! Once Danny Harper pops up on your monitor, you forget EVERYTHING ELSE. I no longer have any recollection of on what date my mother’s birthday falls, exactly what the sideways universe in Lost was supposed to be, or my address and telephone number. This god of ginge has usurped my mind, body and soul.

And yeah, we do write about Randy Blue guys a lot. Because Randy Blue guys tend to be extremely fuckable-looking. It’s not complicated.

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: Randy Blue

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