Popular Demand: The Week of Justin Bieber’s Gaping Boy Cunt

Whoa! I guess I should write more about “Justin Bieber’s Gaping Boy Cunt“. Despite the overwhelming amount of negative comments on the original post, it won a place as last week’s most popular story by a landslide. Logically, this means that your desire to see the pint-sized pop scrotum‘s rosebud exceeds your desire to see men’s room orgies, well-hung bottoms, aggressive tops or entirely non-sexual content, like these cute Marine boyfriends.

We’ll be sure to remember that in the near future, when we’re deciding whether to write posts like this or this! Gaping anuses are so hot right now. And I think we all know who’s responsible for that trend.

So whose gaping anus will we write about this week? Will it be big-bootied reality TV star Rob Kardashian? My second-favorite celebrity crush Jean Dujardin? Gay porn power top Diesel Washington? Stay tuned in to find out! Until then, thank you for reading, commenting and sending in your tips!

– Dewitt

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