Poppers: Ever Used Em’?

I stumbled across this site the other day. I was looking for sex toys. Purely for research. I noticed ES Male had this section called “Aromas”. It brought back a memory.

Let me tell you an amusing (if slightly humiliating) story about my sole experience with poppers.

J. Harvey was on a cruise. My group was invited back to an acquaintance’s stateroom with several other fellows for what could be termed an “orgy”. The details of said orgy will remain under wraps (until we need a post about orgies), because we’re focusing on poppers. Being a naive sort who (9 times out of 10) sticks to beer as his drug of choice, poppers were a mystery to me.  A vial was passed around as I was down on my knees and regarding the cock of a very muscular, very sexy ginge bear.

J. Harvey thinks “hey, you only live once”, takes the offered vial, and sniffs. Actually, J. Harvey didn’t just sniff. J. Harvey SNORTED. J. Harvey tried to get as much of the poppers vapor in his nose holes as humanly possible. Because – vacation! Fun! Daring!

No one told me that you don’t use the whole vial in one fell swoop. With the emphasis on “fell,” because the cabin suddenly turned sideways. There was a roaring noise. My face exploded and became fire. And I keeled over from my kneeling position onto the floor.

Did I mention that my pants were around my ankles (Ginge Bear was hot and I hadn’t wanted to waste any time)? So there I lay on my side. Pale Irish ass facing the room with my friends laughing at me, and the other orgy-goers wondering if I was dead. I wasn’t. Just out of commission.

Ginge Bear was nice enough to pick me up and carry me out onto the balcony for some fresh air. He was completely naked. I was lacking pants out on a cruise ship balcony with a totally naked musclebear. We’re talking biceps, a firecrotch and the whole goatee & shaved head thing. It was horrible because the romance was gone. We had a nice moment where he tried to sober me up, made sure I wasn’t dying, and kindly informed me that you don’t snort the whole vial.

Suffice to say, I never got any that night. What I did receive was the nickname of “Poppers Guy” for the rest of the cruise. That was my one experience with poppers.

People have had better luck than I did, and LOVE em’. I personally know someone whose refrigerator contents consist solely of condiments and vials of Locker Room. Yes, he’s a big slut. Other guys look on poppers as something our grandfather gays did on the dancefloor back in the days of (*sniffle*) Donna Summer.

When used correctly, they are said to give you a rush that enhances sexual pleasure.  You can check them out online from European companies like ES Male.

What about you? Ever used poppers? What was it like? Did they aid in your sexual experience?

– J. Harvey