Ron Swanson Naked.


This GIF seemed appropriate, considering the reaction I assume most of you will have when you read the headline “Ron Swanson Naked“. The good (or bad) news is that Nick Offerman, the actor who plays Leslie Knope‘s reluctant confidant on Parks & Recreation, has yet to show us his penis. The bad (or good) news is that he will for charity.

Considering my hole twitches at the mere sound of Mr. Megan Mullally‘s voice, I would very much like to see what’s lurking in Nick trousers. There’s just one burning question! If I donate extra, will he let me jizz on his face? Because he’d look rather charming with jizz on his face.

Of course, if you don’t care to hear more about this mustachioed gentlemen (or my jizz on his face), might I recommend some posts with actual nude celebrities in them? This week alone, we wrote about Daniel Craig‘s cock, Matthew McConaughey‘s butt, Daniel Day-Lewis‘ schlong and Chris Messina‘s everything. Enjoy!

– Dewitt

Click through to watch Nick’s video:

Via Vulture. If you wanna see Nick naked, donate here.