My Favorite Shoot: Bryan Slater

“My Favorite Shoot” is where the hottest gay porn stars reveal their best experiences in the industry. In their own words! The favorite subject of many artists and photographers, Bryan Slater is a gay porn star who is based in NYC.

Photo credit: Titan

– J. Harvey

To find out what Bryan considers to be his favorite shoot (and to see pics of it!), Follow the JUMP:

I’ve had a fantastic time on all of my shoots and have many favorites for many reasons. Usually, my favorites are so because I really enjoyed my scene partner or I got to work with a wonderful director or shoot on a fabulous location. Last summer, however, I got all three at once with Titan‘s Swelter.

Brian Mills directed an outdoor scene in beautiful Palm Springs which paired me with Gio Forte and the stunning David Anthony. Brian set up the scene and sketched out how he wanted it to progress and then very generously let us have input into some of the scene’s specifics. Everyone had ideas, of course. I was game for all of it but, when asked if I had any suggestions, I said I would love to be in the middle…fucking Gio while getting fucked by David…because I’d never done that before – on film or off.

Everyone agreed it was time for me to play Lucky Pierre. In this case, I’m certainly “lucky” to have fucked Gio’s sweet, sexy ass while being plowed by David Anthony’s horse cock but I’m also lucky to have my very first time so beautifully documented in HD video by Brian Mills and the amazing Titan crew!

Now THAT is what Human Centipede SHOULD have been about! Thanks, Bryan!

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