Michael Phelps Is The Hottest Speedo-Clad Model For An Anti-Dandruff Shampoo/Conditioner EVER!

Before you dispute the hyperbolic title of this post, please ask yourself, “How many speedo-clad models for anti-dandruff shampoo/conditioners am I actually familiar with?” Michael Phelps is the hottest by default (at the very least) in these promo shots for Head & Shoulders. I mean, for starters, he doesn’t have that awful mustache* on his face anymore! And the icing on the cake? He’s showering in a fucking speedo.

Seriously, you could throw anyone into a shower with nothing but a speedo on, and I’d probably masturbate to the pictures. I’m a whore for speedos. I’m a whore for showers. I’m a whore for swimmers. Oh, fuck it, I’m just a regular ol’ whore… Would you be a whore for Michael Phelps? Please provide details of how whorish you’d get with him.

– Dewitt

* Facial hair isn’t for everyone. Unless you’re Trevor Knight, in which case, it’s definitely for you.

Photo credit: Getty

Click through to watch Michael Phelps take a shower (but not in a creepy way):

(via Best Week Ever)