Maximilian Brückner: Best Butt In The World?

Before anyone goes chopping our heads off, it should be clarified that we don’t think Maximilian Brückner has the best butt in the world. Granted, it’s a very nice butt! Don’t get us wrong! It’s just that, well, we tend to prefer things a bit rounder and fuller around here. If we’re going to give out an award for best butt in the world, we think Nick Sterling would be a more viable candidate…

Alas, Phillip from OMG Blog is under the impression that Maximillian’s the epitome of male gluteal perfection. Maybe some of you would agree with him? I mean, it is a really nice ass! For all our blathering about, it comes down to this—WE WOULDN’T SAY “NO”.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Thomas Leidig

Click through to see Maximilian Brückner’s ass:

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