Manhunt Man Of The Week: sportyjocknerd


He’s full of cute! And he has a big, throbby vein on his cock that’s going to make the buttholes on all you bottoms engorge on sight! This is sportyjocknerd. He’s a California boy – smart and athletic. Basically, he’s the total package. Note that word “package,” because he’s got a nice penis, too. Everything we look for in a “Manhunt Man of the Week!” Especially the nice penis.

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– J. Harvey

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Manhunt profile name: sportyjocknerd
Age: 26
Location: California


What was the hottest Manhunt hookup you’ve experienced so far? Who was it with, where did it take place, and why was it hot?

Hottest hook up had to be when I fist signed up for the site. Found this really sexy military stud who was eager to have me top him. I had never really topped before, so the opportunity to explore with a hungry bottom was a turn on. Ended up video tapping the whole encounter so he could beat off to it while on deployment. Was really hot to see such a straight acting/looking dude begging to get fucked, and I have the video to prove it 😉


What’s your favorite part on a guy and why?

I would have to call myself a “breast man.” There is nothing sexier, or more mouth watering, than a guy with a nicely shaped pair of pecs. They don’t have to be huge(big is more of a eye catcher), just cut and curved. Typically, if a guy has a nice fit chest, the arms and abs aren’t too far behind either. 😉


Name the top three sexiest men in the world, with #1 being the hottest. Why do you find them sexy?

Tahmoh Penikett is the first man that comes to mind. He is the definition of the perfect man; masculine, handsome, hunky, and seems like a total guys guy. Sam Witwer comes in a close second. He has the bad boy element that makes me croon, as well as being a gorgeous guy who just looks like all he needs is a good cuddle. My number 3 has to be Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki because they always come as a pair. You get the best of both worlds, handsome brute and pretty stud. Nothing can really beat that combination as far as what mother nature can provide.


What’s the most unusual place you’ve had sex? Tell us about the encounter.

Most unusual place would have to be in the backseat of my buddies’ grandma’s car in some abandoned parking lot. Was when I had just come out, and was meeting guys online. Neither of us had a place to go to release our pent up hormones, so we got in his grandma’s car and went out to a secluded spot and had at it. Was also momentous for me because that was the first time I found a guy who could truly bottom for me.

Does size matter? Why do you feel that way?

Size can matter. It all depends on what I’m in the mood for. I think that the personality and bond makes the sex more intense, over the size of a cock. Some of the hottest sex I’ve had just had to do with the situation, the guy, and the reason behind the sex. However, I can say the same thing for occasions where I’ve ran into some really hung studs. I think size gets you attention, but confidence and presence will get you remembered.