Manhunt Daily Wood: Marc Buckner

What qualifies Marc Buckner to be this week’s Manhunt Daily Wood? Well, for starters, I almost wrote an entire post about him, based solely on the first and last picture in this set. That’s powerful stuff! When two pictures of your bare torso alone get me horny enough to do unnecessary work, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re highly attractive…

Lucky for you, I wound up finding seven (technically eight) more shots of Mr. Buckner, so you’ve got a few more images to throw into that “spank bank” folder you keep on your computer’s desktop. Don’t act like we don’t know about your spank bank! Every porn-loving man has a secret (or not-so-secret) spank bank. It’s one of life’s universal truths.

– Dewitt

UPDATE: By the request of the photographer, the two aforementioned pictures (that made me horny) had to be removed.

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