Manhunt Daily Wood: Colby Melvin

Colby Keller, Colby Jansen and now Colby Melvin? Clearly, we here at Manhunt Daily are on a mission to designate “Colby” as the universally-recognized, sexiest name of all time. The latest addition to this week’s Colby trilogy will appeal to those of you who prefer your men on the smoother, prettier and less hardcore-porny side.

There’s a chance you’ll remember Colby Melvin from his appearance in Andrew Christian‘s “Jockstrap Cowboys”. He spent the majority of the clip making out with one of the other models, so there’s also the possibility that you didn’t notice him with all that spit-swapping action happening on set…

Either way, consider this your official introduction! Manhunt Daily, meet Colby Melvin. Colby Melvin, meet a bunch of people who will inevitably want to sleep with you, marry you and cuddle with you until the end of time. They might want to do other obscene things with you, but I’ll let them tell you about that in the comments section.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Patrick Mark Photography

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More hot shots from the set of Andrew Christian‘s “Jockstrap Cowboys”:

And, of course, the money shot by Paul Boulon: