Lost4U Has That “Come Rim Me On This Inflatable Raft” Look

There were so many dudes barely wearing speedos and running around the most recent Manhunt pool party that my boner was compassing north. It was necessary for me to use my murse as a boner cover-up. I was on assignment (Colby Jansen interview on the way!) so I was dressed for in-depth porn star chat success and it would have been gauche to poke dudes in the eye.

These pics of Manhunt member Lost4U floating all sexy remind me of that party. I want to dive into that. Not off a board and into the pool, but straight into his butt crack. I will lick him so ferociously that he cums all over that raft. Yes, I will spear his hairy hole with my tongue so fiercely that he jizzes without being touched. BECAUSE I CAN DO THAT. Drop trou, and I’ll show you.

Check out more pics of Lost4U below. If you like what you see, tell him so!

– J. Harvey


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