Leo Forte: 2011’s Cocksucker of The Year

This one isn’t up for debate. Our dear friends at Titan Men sent over an exclusive clip of Leo Forte deepthroating Troy Daniels in their new film Inmates, and it proves that Leo is undoubtedly 2011’s Cocksucker of The Year. He’s encouraged to head (no pun intended) over to Manhunt headquarters (again, no pun intended) to pick up his prize at his convenience. Spoiler alert! His prize is more dicks to suck. Our dicks, specifically.

In all seriousness, we look forward to seeing more of Leo in 2012! If you still don’t “get” why we’ve suddenly become obsessed with him, just watch the damn video and it’ll cum come to you. ::sigh:: Don’t you wish all men could suck dick that well?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Titan Men

Click through to watch Leo suck cock like a champ:

Behold, Leo’s cock swallowing skills:

And here’s the official trailer for his scene from Inmates: