James Franco’s Hotter Brother Has A Dirty Mind

Are you aware that James Franco has an incredibly attractive younger brother, Dave Franco? We only discovered his existence a few weeks ago, when he appeared alongside Emma Roberts in a music video for Cults“Go Outside”. There’s a pretty good chance we’ve seen him before (he was also in Superbad), but we didn’t realize back then that he has a super-famous sibling.

Also, we should mention that his latest video project involves the following quote: “I wanna strip you down butt-ass naked and literally cover every inch of your body with my tongue… When your back is arched, you’re clawing at my chest, panting in my ear just fucking begging for it. And then I enter you, and we both cum instantaneously, in unison. And it’s fucking epic”.

If you just got a boner from reading those sentences, then you might not want to watch this video past the forty-second mark. It’s actually a comedic competition between Franco and actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse, and the scenario gets extremely awkward faster than you can say “I fucking love that song”. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

– Dewitt

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