Jack Magma: “Cat Gotcha Tongue?!?”

Jack Magma

In an attempt to get you to listen to Jack Magma‘s outstanding debut single “Cat Gotcha Tongue?!?“, I spent a significant portion of my morning searching for pics of a hot guy licking his lips. That’s male model Timmi Radicke up there. He has nothing to do with this song. Nothing at all.

The first time you listen to “Cat Gotcha Tongue?!?”, you’re going to think it’s scattered and perhaps too experimental for your personal tastes. With each subsequent spin, the track’s pop sensibilities will seep into your brain, and you’ll wonder why Justin Timberlake hasn’t stolen this track for his long-awaited comeback album.

This is indie R&B at its finest! If you dig it, grab a free download here.

– Dewitt