It Happened On Manhunt: Best of The Best

It’s always a bummer when one of your favorite TV/radio programs takes a holiday and runs a lame-ass clip show. Though today’s installment of It Happened On Manhunt is (you guessed it) a compilation of the best submissions, we promise that it’s anything but lame.

We rounded up fifteen of the best tales for your reading enjoyment. You can either whip your dick out and browse through them from the comfort of your home, or print a few of your favorites, hide them between the pages of a bestseller and bring ’em to the beach for some sun-filled fun (as long as you don’t mind popping a boner in your swim trunks).

Oh, and should any of these stories inspire you to submit your own heartwarming/sleazy/awkward tale for consideration, shoot us an e-mail at with all the juicy details and the subject heading “Best Manhunt Story“. We’re giving away THREE FREE MONTHS of unlimited membership to Manhunt for longer submissions, as well as one month for shorter submissions (as seen here).

Is there any reason to not take advantage of this? No! There is not! Submit your story today.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Fratmen Sucks

Click through to see our top ten stories:

THE 3-WAY WITH AN NFL PLAYER: “Here I was, having my ass rimmed and getting skull fucked by two guys that made my dick leak precum just by looking at them. We eventually made it to the bed, and that’s when the real fun started. I jumped on, laid on my back, while the marine came over and shoved his cock in my mouth. The football player lifted my legs in the air, sized up my hole and started to tongue fuck me.”

EASING IN MY COUNTRY BOY + COUNTRY BOY (THE SEQUEL): “After about ten minutes of watching TV and drinking our beers, I could see his hand slowly moving toward me, first resting on my thigh and finally grabbing my cock. He played with my dick and balls and looked genuinely amazed that he was holding another guy’s junk in his hand.”

MY FIRST DOUBLE-PENETRATION: “Next thing I know, I’m on all fours begging the ‘small’ one to fuck me. I take him pretty well, before he announces he’s close, and the ‘big’ one starts up. He’s a little tougher to take, but the small one ‘occupies’ my mouth, and I find myself surprisingly accommodating… I’m on cloud nine taking the big one, when suddenly they suggest DP.”

I SAW BEYOND MY SHALLOWNESS: “Manhunt gave me the opportunity to feel what unconditional love was – and the pain of losing the love of your life. I believe I will find someone new, but Landon will always be the man who taught me to look beyond the first glance and look deeper. I miss him everyday, but I am so glad I had the time with him that I did.”

MY DOCTOR FANTASY CAME TRUE: “On the date of my physical, I was sitting in the exam room in my boxers, when there was a knock on the door. In strode Dr. Sean in blue scrubs. My heart literally started to pound. He was tall, dark-haired, muscular and, most importantly, he had fur peeking out from his scrubs top. ‘Easy on the eyes’ was a gross understatement. This man was fucking hot.”

I FUCKED MY HISTORY TEACHER: “A few weeks ago we even had a threesome with a buddy of his—my phys ed teacher from ninth grade. I laid face-down on the workout bench in my home gym while my gym coach pulled apart my cheeks and tongued my hole before dipping his cock in. On the other end, my history-teacher-turned-boyfriend slid down my throat and eventually blew his load all over my face. I’m a Business and Psychology student, but for that one day my double major was definitely History and Physical Education.”

THE HOCKEY PLAYER CRUSH: “His tongue felt so good against my hole, and I couldn’t help but want more of him. I got up, put him on all fours and returned the favor. His hole was so warm and tight, so I tried to get my tongue as far inside as I could. He grabbed my head and kept me there, jacking off while I ate his ass.”

WE SERVED OUR COUNTRY TOGETHER… AND THEN WE SERVICED ONE ANOTHER: “About a month after leaving the ship, I was checking out Manhunt and saw a profile that caught my interest. We started talking and unlocked our pics to check each other out, but none showing our faces. I immediately recognized Dan from the birthmark on his inner thigh. I didn’t let on that I knew who he was and, instead, asked him if he wanted to meet for drinks down in Ghent, near my apartment, which was fine with him since he lived in that area also.”

A NAUGHTY LUNCH BREAK: “Bill immediately got down on his knees and started rimming Tom. I’m just watching in awe, and before I can even start removing my clothes, he waves me over to get a taste. I kneel down and start to devour that fine looking ass. As I’m going to town, I feel hands around me starting to unbutton my shirt and remove my belt.”

THE ACCIDENTAL RIMJOB: “We both unlocked our photos in our small exchange – a must when hooking up on-line, my friends. Merely a hop, skip and a jump away and that’s exactly what I did: gleefully skipped over – all I needed was my little wicker basket and red cape. I entered his apartment, walked in–as directed in our email correspondences–and found him face down, butt-naked, totally ripped. He left out an assortment of oils and lotions for me to use on him.”

BEST SEX OF MY LIFE: “He slowly pumped his cock in and out, letting my hole loosen up around his huge member. I was in heaven as it slid, inch by inch, up my ass and hit my prostate every time. He filled me up like no man had ever done before. After fucking me on my stomach for a while, he brought my ass to the edge of the bed while he was standing on the floor. I put my legs up on his shoulders and, holy fuck, he went deep. I was gripping the bed for everything it was worth. My eyes even rolled back as I just gave myself over to the feeling of his cock slamming in and out of my ass.”

HE LEFT ME LIMPING:”After we finished, I put my clothes on and walked out the door. My body felt like I had been in a UFC fight. My inner thighs were killing, my knees got scraped from all the friction with his bedsheets, my jaw was sore, and my back was aching. When I told my boyfriend I had hooked up with the bottom I met on Manhunt, he couldn’t help but laugh because I was the one who left the encounter with the limp… LOL!”

1 NIGHT, 8 LOADS: “I reached down, picked him up and put him on all fours on my bed. After pulling his cock out of the jockstrap and pointing it down between his legs, I started to devour his hot pink hole. I was fucking it with my tongue, tracing every letter of my name into his tasty boy cunt. He was squirming and cursing in between moans, as I continued to feast on his ass.”

MY KINKY BOTTOM BITCH: “When he got to my place, he was pretty hot, and I was excited. I brought him up to my room and started stripping him. Once he was naked, I put a blindfold across his eyes and pushed him against an exposed brick wall in my room. He had excellent nipples. They were large and stuck out, and I loved chewing on them. After I was done mauling them, I set a pair of nipple clamps on them, just to keep them puffy.”

A DATE WITH MY CORNHOLE BUD: “Andy and I trounced everyone in the tournament and ended up taking home a hundred a piece. After the tournament, we bought beers for the players with our bar tab and stayed to talk a bit. Come to find out, Andy was thirty-seven and was raising his son alone, since his wife had died a few years back. He worked mainly construction jobs so his muscles came honestly. He said he hadn’t dated since his wife died and was just focusing on raising his son. He even said with a twinkle in his eyes, ‘Hell, having a few beers with you is the closest thing I’ve had to a date in the last four years!'”