It Happened On Manhunt: A Few (Very) Short Stories

If you’ve felt intimidated by the length of previous It Happened On Manhunt submissions, we have good news for you: SIZE DOESN’T MATTER. You can still win a free month of unlimited membership to Manhunt, all by simply sending 2-6 sentences about your hottest experience (on Manhunt) to

Don’t get us wrong. We like longer stories too! If you provide a few paragraphs with extra juicy details, we will stick by our promise of giving you THREE MONTHS of unlimited membership. Once again, you can send those tales to the same address,

In case you haven’t gathered by now, this week’s installment of It Happened On Manhunt features a small collection of shorter stories. The pictures have nothing to do with the subject matter. They’re just there to add a fun, visual component to this post. Enjoy!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Corbin Fisher

Click through for a few short stories and more pics:

“So, I was casually browsing Manhunt, when I came across an all-too-familiar face. As I stared in horror (or so I thought), I realized that, if anything, this was a miracle! I saw my father on Manhunt and even winked at him… Very awkward? Yes. Well, the good news is I’m now out to my family, and things couldn’t possibly be better. Most importantly, I have a gay dad to aspire to! Thank you Manhunt!!!”

“Met a hung, older man and sucked hard on his cock in the 69, while he tongue fucked me so hard I came all over his chest.”

“I was online, and I got a message from this guy… At first, I didn’t respond, ’cause the guy didn’t have a pic for me to see. He sent me two more messages being kinda urgent… He decided to send me his picture on my Yahoo account, and he turned out to be a guy I went to high school with. I had no idea he was even into guys, let alone that he’d be into me! We met up and had a good time, and now we’re good friends who regularly hook up. I have Manhunt to thanks. So thanks, guys!”

“During my senior year of high school, I met an older man with an 8″ cock who lived down the street. We’d fuck regularly after my cross-country practices, and though I was eighteen, he didn’t know I was still in high school. Months later, I discovered that he was my ex-girlfriend’s best friend’s uncle, when he came to see his niece in the annual spring musical. He had to leave the theater when he saw me on stage… But once the initial awkwardness cooled off, we wound up fooling around in his hot tub. It was amazing!” <– This is a true story, submitted by Dewitt.