I’m Conflicted.

Don’t worry! This isn’t a Bi The Way post about how I’d consider switching teams for Kim Kardashian. Because I wouldn’t. Look, I love asses as much as the next man, and there are some chicks I’d consider doing… But I basically just turtled at the thought of sticking it in a Kardashian*.

Rob Kardashian is the exception. He could, as the kids say, “get it”. Then again, I guess there’s the whole “he has a penis” thing that appeals to me, so that doesn’t really count.

Wait, where was I going with this post? Oh yeah! Kim Kardashian raised $50,000 for The Trevor Project, and I’m not sure if that means I have to stop thinking she’s useless. While it wasn’t technically her “hard earned” money, she still did something for a good cause, right? Debate amongst yourselves!

There should be no question where J. Harvey stands on this issue. He stated, via IM: “She could give 10 million, and I would still loathe that cunt.”

– Dewitt

* Sticking It In A Kardashian: A new series, coming to E! television this fall!

Click through for some completely unnecessary naked pictures of Kim Kardashian: