I Want Your Love. I Want It Now.

Don’t even talk to me if you haven’t watched the demo scene for Travis MatthewsI Want Your Love. Look, I know I’ve been making a lot of grand statements recently, but I wasn’t kidding when I pegged this as the “Best Sex Scene of 2010”. It literally was the best sex scene of 2010—better than any porn flick or big-screen Hollywood fuckfest. It was even better than Mark Ruffalo (my biggest boner-crush ever) getting all naked and thrusty in The Kids Are All Right. Do you understand how hard it is for me to admit that?

No? You don’t? Well, at the very least, try to understand how excited I am about the upcoming full-length version of I Want Your Love. It’s finally finished! Word on the street is that it’ll be making its debut at film festivals later this year or early 2012, but you don’t have to wait that long for a sneak peek. The teaser trailer was just released, set to the glorious sounds of “In This City” by Chromatics.

For those who aren’t in the know, Chromatics appeared on the soundtrack to Drive. Oh hey, wasn’t Ryan Gosling in that movie? YUP… But that’s not even relevant to the topic at hand. Watch this trailer. Get pumped. Or pump your dick. Just do something, because I’m too ecstatic to type anything else right now. This movie needs to get into my eyeballs immediately.

– Dewitt

To watch the new teaser for I Want Your Love, follow the JUMP:

Just in case you haven’t seen the original demo scene:

10 thoughts on “I Want Your Love. I Want It Now.

  1. I believe I mentioned this movie some time ago on here.  Totally agree with Dewitt.  The guys are real- the setting is real- the words are real- and the sex is real. 

    I first watched this at SEAF (Seattle Erotic Art Festival) in May and I had a female, straight co-worker sitting next to me watching it with me.  I had no idea what the movie was about when I walked in.    She had come along to hang out with me all day because I had a large photographic installation at the festival.  So here I was, totally getting blown away by this scene and my pants were plumping… I loved it but here she was sitting next to me…  Afterward she told me she loved the scene- and that it was the most real sex she had ever seen in a movie. 

    So they need to make the movie already-since  both gays and straights love it!

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