Hot or Not: The Sleazy Cameraman

Confession! I’m really turned on by the concept of the “casting couch”. There were times in my life where I thought about doing porn solely so I could seduce the director or let him take advantage of me. While that might sound sick or twisted to you, I’ve jerked off to that fantasy on more than several occasions (and I continue to do so to this day).

This might have some connection to sites like Dirty Tony, Drake Rock, Daddy Mugs and Jake Cruise, where the owners can often be seen “auditioning” their models. It could also have some connection to the rush I get when someone breaks out a camera in the bedroom, whether they’re filming or simply taking a few snapshots.

Then again, this isn’t a mere case of healthy exhibitionism. It’s more about being caught off guard, the idea that maybe I hadn’t planned on being filmed or fucking this particular individual or getting photographed while I gag on their cock…

As you might imagine, the trailer for Jake Deckard‘s Dirty Director appealed to this deep, dark desire within me. I hadn’t seen it until doing some “research” on Dale Cooper‘s porn career, and now I’m kicking myself in the face for not already owning seven copies of this movie.

Based on the 2:24 promo clip, the sex in these five scenes is sweaty, passionate and oozing with masculine energy… It’s also making me ooze pre-cum in my boxer shorts, so please excuse me while I rush home and leave you before tonight’s return of In Bed With Colby Keller… And yes, smart ass, I planned on writing about this film before I knew Colby would be making his return.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Ray Dragon Video

Click through to see more pics and watch the trailer for Dirty Director:

SCENE 1Dale Cooper and Jake Deckard:

SCENE 2Dale Cooper, Colby Keller, Shay Michaels and Jake Deckard:

SCENE 3Shay Michaels and Jake Deckard:

SCENE 4Bronson Gates, Bryan Slater and Jake Deckard:

SCENE 5Bronson Gates and Brian Davilla:


Ray was kind enough to notify me that they’re currently running a sale: